Tool for creating HTML tables?

I moved my notes from Evernote to DEVONthink, and I am not looking back. Except one feature: In Evernote I could create tables easily, add columns or rows and create overviews. I can do that in Microsoft Word as well, but I am trying to stick to markdown, rich techt and html formats in DEVONthink.

Does anybody know a tool for creating html / formated notes that allows easily creating and modifying tables?

DEVONthink supports this only in case of rich text documents.

For markdown tables you could try TableFlip.

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I would advise against HTML tables unless you really need them for a website. They’re a pain if you need to extract the data.
It’s possible to create something like CSV files in DT3 by scripting. And those files should be really transformed into HTML.


And you can also hand-code tables in Markdown too.

There are many tools that allow creating markdown tables. Typora and Emacs with markdown-mode are very capable.

I was rather wondering if there is a tool that creates tables that grow dynamically and can hold both text and images (like Evernote’s tables). Whenever I did tables for comparing things I’d create Evernote tables, collect small screenshots for product comparisons for instance. Not even MS Word is able to offer this (dynamically growing table cells).

@suavito’s suggestion of TableFlip may work.