Toolbar icon quirks

Some of the icons on the toolbar for some reason have been given priority of visibility over others. I have a small screen and I want to choose which icons I see and which disappear when the window is collapsed. But no, DT says I must always see the create folders icon visible no matter where I put it on my bar at the expense of icons I use far more often, else remove it altogether.

Please can you remove this enforced priority and let me choose which icons I see. Also, could you add a new folder icon and group current selection icon unattached from their almost never used toolbar space eating twins.


Adding to the above, I’ve setup easy reach shortcuts for views for all interface windows. Some odd behaviour here could be streamlined.

I’ve had to set View-> None, Standard and Widescreen on three different keys. Would it not be easier to convert this to a toddle between the three view states on one keyboard shortcut?

I’ve had to set up two shortcuts with the same keystroke to hide and show Inspector, likewise Tags. Couldn’t these also be converted into a toggle on one command?

The Navigator shortcut works as expected as a Show/Hide toggle, so why the different flavours of implementation on the other interface show/hide elements?

Anyone else got views on this?

create folders icon

? What “create folders icon” ?

Would it not be easier to convert this to a toddle between the three view states on one keyboard shortcut?

A toggle would make more sense if there were two states. Otherwise you’d usually have to loop through at least one unwanted state.

I’ve had to set up two shortcuts with the same keystroke to hide and show Inspector, likewise Tags.

Why? Both states of each command already share a single hotkey.

  1. This icon a11grab15 remains visible on the toolbar when I collapse the window no matter where I place it on the bar. Meaning, other icons to its left will disappear first. This happens too for the Search, but I can see why some people might want to keep that visible.
    I’d like to see single icon versions of this icon and Create/Uncreate group from selection icon, as I hardly ever use the right icons and they stop me adding more useful icons.

  2. Understand, but toddling views on one button is still quicker than remembering which keyboard shortcut out of three is the correct one to use to get the view you want.

  3. Yes, but you need to set Interface->Show to change Show and also set Interface->Hide then to be able to change the shortcut on the Hide version. Likewise for Tabs.

  1. Development would have to assess this.
  2. The commands are either Command-5, 6, or 7, so they’re pretty simple to recall IMHO.
  3. I’m missing what the issue is here.

I use a small screen, I suspect these are usability issues that probably do not affect you. I only have a limited space for icons, so choose my most-used and put the most used to the left, the Groups icon overrides my preference. Add it and resize the window to see what I mean.

To give me more room on my bar, I implemented easy-reach shortcuts for my right hand for the interface view buttons to remove these from the toolbar. Doing so, I find DT’s rational in the three areas of the interface that can be shown/hidden inconsistent with one another and actually a bit of a dog’s dinner. If you don’t get what I mean, all I can suggest is setup new App Shortcut preferences for these elements. You’ll find you’ll need two for Interface and Tabs to be able to show and hide.

Also, having two different shortcuts to show and hide the preview panel is not intuitive. I understand there might be reason not to add all three views onto one button toddle, but not being able to switch the wide screen preview on/off on one keyboard shortcut, likewise the standard preview, is messy.

Anyway, I can’t put it any clearer, so Development can look at it. Thanks.

You’ll find you’ll need two for Interface and Tabs to be able to show and hide .

If you’re referring to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, you can assign the same key for both states.

A screenshot of the complete toolbar would be useful.

I really like DT, and I understand someone reading this might think these are tiny annoyances which I should get over, and yes, but it’s these are the things that add up to create a positive or negative user experience.

So here’s a grab of the toolbar. I would like to use the Create Group icon on my bar, but I have removed it off because it does this.


As I collapse the window, the Search and Groups remain visible. I can see the justification for Search overriding other icons as some people seem to use this as their main navigation tool, but I don’t see a reason for Groups to override my other icons.

I don’t use DT in full screen, and a lot of the time I am pulling items from it into other apps, so I do have it in a quite small window a lot of the time. I miss the lack of choice of icons DT2 gave me, but I like that the icons are smaller. My chosen interface is still trial and error, I think I like using shortcuts for opening closing window elements, but having to assign three shortcuts to switch previews seems counterintuitive.

Different users have different needs, some items have a higher priority due to former feedback currently. But I’m not sure which items you would actually prefer from the ones visible on the screenshot as the window is really tiny.

I haven’t got my perfect set or order yet, I’m currently trying it without show/hide elements, I put my most used to the left.
I would like to see the new group as a single icon as I don’t create smart groups that often, and if anything tend to edit existing ones I already have. So having to give up two icon spaces that then remain when other icons are pushed off means for me I can’t use this icon on my toolbar. Then to further add annoyance, the New Folder option is at the bottom of a submenu on Actions and right-click, which has the inherent problem all navigating submenus have, losing the menu before you get to the correct command.

We might add such an item to upcoming releases.

I realise this might be a possibility as the app matures, that’s the main reason I’m posting my little irritations. It isn’t so much to be hyper-critical, it’s to give you a window into use-case frustrations.

I’m very much still learning the app, and trying different setups to get my ideal - what I can move to keyboard shortcuts and what I put on the bar. I guess the thing with the Groups, when I have the DT window at its smallest, I tend to be pulling things out, so don’t need to create a new group.


Actually the next release will already include this and also reset the priority of several toolbar items to the default one (so that only the order matters).

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Meanwhile, you could always use applescript.

tell application id "DNtp"
	tell application "System Events" to keystroke "n" using {shift down, command down}
end tell

Open Script Editor, paste the code above, save it to ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Toolbar and restart DT. You can even change the file icon for one of your choosing and it will appear in app.

Thanks for this. Regarding scripting, I’m non-league in my knowledge. :smiley:

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