Top of Markdown Notes is Cut Off


I just started using markdown notes, and I’ve noticed that the top few lines of the formatted/output section gets cut off. Here’s a screenshot:

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, so advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

The first line has a colon so it’s seen as MultiMarkdown metadata. This is described in the Help > Documentation > Documents > Markdown Documents section.

May you please so kind to explain why you started using markdown. I don‘t understand win what situations it would be useful (e.g. for me as journalist)

Thanks! Should have checked that out first. @darwin, I’m really not the best person to explain the relative advantages of markdown vs rtf. In any case, I don’t use DEVONThink as a word processor, but rather as a note taker. I’m experimenting with the markdown format because it’s really easy to make tables of contents within markdown files - this has obvious advantages for longer notes. I’m also pleased that DEVONThink makes the conversion between rtf and markdown relatively simple, so if I decide to go back there won’t be much fuss.

No problem.

@darwin: You can use Markdown for many purposes. And depending on your creativity, even some unusual ones.

After @korm extolled it’s virtues years ago, I begrudgingly tried it and was immediately taken by its simplicity, speed, and customizability. For years I’ve used it daily in support and even these forum posts are Markdown-based.

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