Total number of items in global inbox

I prefer having the total number of items in the global inbox in the side bar - like in DT2. Whereas in DT3, it’s showing the number of unread items. (Sorry if this was already mentioned, but I don’t remember seeing it.)

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I know I am reviving an old post but I just finally updated to DT3 yesterday. Is there a setting to make the sidebar number show the number of items and not “unread”? I’m not really sure how something is determined as unread in Devonthink anyway or the relevance. It’s not like an email inbox where people add things without you knowing about it. When I add something to Devonthink if I didn’t generate the file it comes from some other existing source and I likely read it there or at least skimmed it. I have marked everything as read for now but looks like I will have to go inside my databases and mark things already in folders as read to get the count correct.

Welcome @larea

Sorry but not there is no control to change the item counts in the Navigate sidebar.

In DT3, I also would like to see the total amount instead of “unread” files. Just as it was in DT2. As larea already stated above, the latter doesn’t make much sense. Is this going to be updated?

What makes sense may be highly subjective in this case. Anyway, you could set up a smart rule which marks all newly imported records Read; that way you will never have unread records in the inbox, and the inbox will display the total number of records rather than the count of unread items.

The total numbers of files will be shown if there are no unread items in the location. And no there are no current plans to change this behavior.

Thanks for your reply. But why not show them both: unread and total?
IMO It would be nice if DT3 would add functionality to DT2, instead of just showing things differently.

Thanks Blanc,
That would be a nice workaround to solve this problem with DT3. Although, such a smart rule sounds a little too advanced for me. How do you implement that?

It would be nice if DT3 would add functionality to DT2

We didn’t remove functionality. And we actually had many complaints and confusion when reporting both numbers. The item list still shows this but the Navigate sidebar only shows one or the other.

Sure. You didn’t add functionality, but didn’t remove functionality either.
Thanks for explaining the context with the earlier experience of people complaining when showing both numbers. Thanks also for referring to the item list. Hadn’t really looked at that, but it is helpful.

You’re welcome and thanks for understanding.

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Thanks Blanc!,

That is very kind of you.
I will set this up right now.

Have a nice day!

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