Transclusion of item links from Obsidian

Is it possible to somehow add an image via its DT item link as a transclusion in an Obsidian note (e.g. ![my image](x-devonthink-item://65C18817-FA99-49A1-92C1-5DA1B6C6EA09))? A simple link works, but the transclusion syntax shows a broken image icon (which it doesn’t when using http:// links). If it’s currently impossible, is it a limitation of Obsidian, DT or the link protocol itself?


Item links are just URLs but not protocols like http: that can be downloaded by other apps.

But since they point to a specific resource (file), is it theoretically possible to implement this (either in Obsidian or in DT), or is it totally impossible?

These URLs have no meaning to Obsidian (or any other application), and it (or any other application) wouldn’t know what to do with it.

For more details:

These custom URL schemes are meant to open a document (or whatever) inside the targeted app. x-devonthink-item URLs can, for example be passed to the open command line tool so that DT opens the document. But what you’d need here would be a means for Obsidian to retrieve the document content and display it. Which, also for security reasons, does not happen. Nor should it.

Having said that, you could perhaps write a script for Obsidian that talks to DT (using the UUID part of the URL) and replaces the item link with a file:/// link to the item. However, if DT moves the item to another location (or you do), this will break.

Very clear. Thanks a lot for taking the time.