Transfer database between editions

I’m trialling the personal edition, and would like to trial the office pro edition before I make my final purchase decision. Do I install the office pro edition alongside the personal, “move” the database, and then uninstall the personal edition? Or is there a better way to do this Is?

Sorry about all the questions :smiley:



Quit the DEVONthink Personal application, and the Sorter (if it is running).

In the Finder, select the DEVONthink Personal application and move it to the Trash. (In order to prevent confusion by Services and scripts, we recommend against having two DEVONthink applications present on the computer.)

Install the DEVONthink Pro Office application, launch it and run the Install Add-Ons procedure.

The first time the DEVONthink Pro Office application is run, it should recognize the existing DEVONthink Personal database and copy/convert the data to a DEVONthink Pro Office database with the filename extension, .dtBase2.

Thanks, is it possible to go back the other way? Or should I look at using a Time Machine backup to restore the database?



DEVONthink Personal 2.x cannot read a DEVONthink Pro/Pro Office 2.x database directly.

However, after your tests of DEVONthink Pro Office, if you wish to purchase registration for DEVONthink Personal, you could combine your DTPO database content into a single database. With the DEVONthink application quit, in the Finder select the database file and open its Info panel. Rename the file to DEVONthink 2, removing the .dtBase2 extension. Close the Info panel. The database file has become a folder. Move that folder to the position at which DEVONthink Personal expects to find its database, ~/Library/Application Support/.

Now if you remove the DEVOthink Pro Office installation you can run DEVONthink Personal and work with your database.

Thanks Bill - time for the Pro Office trial now :slight_smile: