Transfer databases to a new computer?

To my great surprise I did not find the answer to my interrogation in the DevonThink manual, nor in the book “Take Control of DevonThink 3”.
I have a new computer (MacBook Air!), and I don’t know how to move my databases to my new machine. (Doing a clean install and not using data migration tool…)
I was tempted to just copy and paste them, but I read (in the book) that the global inbox is located somewhere else than the rest. So I’m a bit lost.
I also wonder if this will change anything for the synchronization with DTTG (it worked until now and I’m afraid to break everything by changing computer!). Will I have to set a new synchronization configuration for example?

I went through a few threads suggested by the forum when writing this post and before posting it (and some of them were already old), but that rather increased the confusion of the right way to go, I confess.

Other concerns are about the software preferences, and the Indexed Folders…

I guess it would be useful for many users to have an updated procedure somewhere!

Thanks in advance, we learn every day and I especially like learning about Devonthink.

I was faced with the same challenge
Before I could do anything, Migration Assistant started up and installed Devonthink and databases from my Time Machine backups

My Plan A for the database load was to let the sync store (iCloud) do it’s thing

Warning; there are additional folders - scripts etc
This was discussed at Moving DEVONthink 3 to a new computer - fresh install of everything

Thank you !
I don’t want to use the data migration tool / assistant, because i wanted to do a clean or fresh install (my MacBookPro has seven and a half years of files and system updates in its stomach! :^)
Let’s wait for some expert advice!

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Please start a support ticket. I’ll answer it when I wake up :sleeping: