Translate in Popup Menu

Please add ** Translate** in Popup Menu,for now I can only use define.
This is very useful when reading PDF in other language.

Translation via what…?

Button in Popup Menu, it disappeared in PDF.

The Translate editing menu command is not inserted here by DEVONthink To Go but by iOS itself. So I wonder if the menu command vanished after a system update/upgrade?

I have no idea why it show on markdown file while disappeared on PDF😂
the Popup Menu in different app and different file type works like it’s drunk.

PDFs use a different framework than Markdown.

It’s Apple‘s fault,I can’t have the Translate button in Documents too.

In which documents? RTF and formatted notes use an outdated editor that we are about to replace. So it might well be that in these document formats the Translate command is not available.

It’s more like Apple‘s fault,because I can’t have the Translate button whether select words on PDF in Documents or in Safari.

OK, if it is not available in Safari then we are definitely not involved :sweat_smile: