translation issues

i often use the google-based translation feature of the devon agent browser.

i recently downloaded a hypertext document in spanish to my hard drive. When i open the html files in devon agent the application does not realize that the text is in castillian spanish and all attempts to use the tool button for translation are greyed out.

how can i make devon agent 2.3 realize i have opened a foreign language text so I can avail myself of translation features?

is there a meta tag i might be able to slip into the hypertext to this end?

thanks in advance,

DEVONagent analyzes the text of the page on its own but doesn’t use meta tags (as they’re quite often incorrect). But you could send me the HTML file and I’ll check if it should be recognized or not.

I face similar trouble. I couldn’t figure out why DA is detecting the language of a webpage sometimes and many times not. (Even it is the same foreign language.) My impression is that when I am running a search in DA, DA detects the language more likely then when I am opening a file out of DT-Pro. Is there any trick to let DA know the language, if I am able to detect the language myself?
… the “google-translation on a click” function is very handy - if there is this language flag to click on…


The next release will improve the reliability but sending me some tricky examples would be really appreciated, thanks!

i solved most of my translation issues by adding kavasoft translation services to my appleservices menu.