Trash cannot be emptied, all files are missing anyway!

Hi and good day,

With 3 databases my Trash is sitting there and has >1800 files, so it seems.

Meaning there are folders, seemingly with content (amount of files) but each and every file is missing from its path.

(This probably happened some time ago when I migrated my databases incorrectly.) Trash is just replicating the folder/ file structure of one of my databases.

I’ve tried some OS X cleaning as Bill recommends in an older post, because DT always crashes when I try to empty Trash,
so I always manage ONCE to move some folder to a new database (For_Trash), which I can do ONCE, not more.

How to get rid of this phantom Trash?

Repeat: Every file in the trash has ”File missing."

I deleted DT and reinstalled it, same.

with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

You should not continue operations without addressing this issue. Please start a Support Ticket.