Trial Limitations

I’ve downloaded Devonsphere express and started using it in trial mode. I’ve noticed that DSE seems to disappear. The menu bar icon is no longer there. When I check Activity monitor there isn’t a DSE process running. So it looks like DSE quit/crashed without showing a dialog box. Sorry, but I didn’t see if there was a time limit on DSE running in trial mode. The website mentions 30 day trial but that wouldn’t explain the unexpected quits after a few minutes of running. I’m running Mac OS Sierra.

Basically what I have tried is performing a search on websites for a topic I’m interested in and then reviewing one of the web page results and then when look back for the menu item it is no longer there. I haven’t done detailed troubleshooting to see what the issue is but I wanted something to search both the web and my spotlight information. Any information would be great. Thanks.

Are you running the 10.12.2 beta?

DEVONsphere Express is not a Spotlight replacement or enhancement.

I really didn’t think it was. If my understanding is correct it will search files on my local machine and also on the internet. I’m thinking about purchasing a license but if the application quits silently after a minute or two under Mac OS Sierra then I will wait until the issues are fixed. That is why I asked about this maybe being a trial version effect/limitation.

I’m also looking into Devon Agent as most of my searching will be on the internet not files on my local drive.

Please check ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports for crash logs on DEVONsphere. Please start a Support Ticket and include this information. Thanks!

Jim, I’ve created a support ticket. Thanks.

One of the many new bugs of the 10.12.2 betas, we highly recommend to opt out of beta testing Sierra.