Trial to Mac Store install

After a short trial of devonSphere express, I’ve decide I’d like to purchase it through the Mac store.

Is it recommended that I delete, reinstall, and re-index ?

Cheers !

You’d need to uninstall the non-MAS version and install the MAS version – then reindex. Why bother with the App Store? Just buy the license for what you already have? (And, save 4 cents!) Same product, same updgrades, same support.

Guess, I’m looking for some sort of safety in numbers with an app so closely coupled to the system and all my data/information. Appreciate !, the reply. Thanks, korm.

The App Store version isn’t sandboxed, therefore doesn’t provide additional security.

Point taken. I like the app, and more as I use it. These are the apps I hoped to find/use.

Keep it up guys !