Triplicating files when sync from iCloud


I’ve got a strange issue with DTTG on iPhone and iPad - it has some items triplicating but only one item actually accessible. Other ones has “cloud” icon next to them and display “nothing selected” when I try to select them.

I have tried to “clean location” from DTPO, delete DB on iPad and then re-upload from DTPO and re-download on DTTG - no luck so far.

Any ideas?

I have tried to send a support request via iPad’s Help->Support menu, but devontechnologies postmaster has rejected my mail with the following:

Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

Recipient address:
Reason: SMTP transmission failure has occurred
Diagnostic code: smtp;521 Our system detected malicious content [Sanesecurity.Junk.31647.UNOFFICIAL FOUND]. This message has been blocked.
Remote system: dns; (TCP||29992||25) ( ESMTP Postfix)

Please try using the mechanism again. I just tested it and it’s working here. Thanks!