Trouble Annotating PDFs with "Note" Annotations

As of right now if i want to create a “Note” Comment (annotation) in a pdf in devonthink i can apparently make an infinite amount of notes accidentally. There are times where i make a note and then forget that i still have the icon activated and im now making a lot of notes just because im trying to drag the pdfs.

Is there a way to have the toolbar switch to drag automatically after i place the note i want.

Example: There are apps on the ipad like goodnotes that does this with erasers. Where you erase an anottation and it defaults back to the pencil to write. Thats the type of handling im trying to achieve. Is there a hidden Option that im missing?

What exactly do you drag after creating a note? In addition, the Annotations panel should be shown after creating a new annotation.

Well for example sometimes as im taking a note i want to copy part of the pdf text so that i can paste it into another app but now i have to first take off the note active icon. Which cannot be turned off by clicking it again.

Another issue i found is that the custom highlighter colors i have set dont work?

Screen Recording 2022-04-08 at 1.33.01 AM

That’s a feature of the PDFkit actually, not one of DEVONthink.