Trouble creating search url to search for 3 tags

Hi - I’m trying to make some saved searches for my database on iOS…I’d like to search for various combinations of two or three different tags but am not having success.

Can someone explain how to build a multiple tag search into a url?

I’ve tried…


and it didn’t work…and also


and also


Thanks for any direction on this…

…and for instance, URL encoding the semicolon gets this:


which works as hoped on desktop but not on iOS…

I’m not seeing any issue with the tag-separated form…

Where are you creating/opening the bookmarks?

Hi -

Thanks for testing this, I appreciate it.

I am creating these searches manually on the desktop, a few different searches saved in a single markdown note, for use on iOS. Then on iOS I click the link, which re-opens DTTG, hopefully with my search completed.

What I stumbled on that works on iOS is to separate the tags with a semicolon and a url encoded space:

[3 tag query:](x-devonthink://search?query=tags:TAG1;%20TAG2;%20TAG3)

I wonder if if the difference in what works is that you made a bookmark and I have them as markdown links.

I’ll try constructing as you’ve pictured here. I’m finding it tricky to come up with a formulation that works both on desktop and iOS. I mostly care about the iOS though in this case.


It’s possible it’s a Markdown link issue.
I am at a doctor’s appointment but will check later.