trouble exporting smart mailboxes from within apple mail

Hi all,
Yesterday I created a smart mailbox in Apple Mail, which contained about 15 mesages. I then selected Mailbox>Add to DevonThink Pro Office. Worked fine, bring that mailbox and its emails into my designated destination folder. About 30 mins later I made another smart mailbox and tried to do the same thing, but it repeatedly failed.

Nine out of ten times, DTPO will create a folder with the same name as the smart mailbox, but won’t contain any emails. A few times, it doesn’t do anything at all.

Now, I’ve since tried to add a non-smart mailbox using the same menu command in Apple Mail, and it’s worked every time. So it seems to be a quirk related to smart mailboxes. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I’ve tried to close out both programs and restart; I’ve verified and repaired the databaase, even re-installed the add-ons, but nothing works.


At this moment smart mailboxes are not really supported (on the list for a future release), did you check in your default import group if the messages are there? Check DTPO’s preferences, Import tab, last item in the list for the location.

Ok, thanks. DTPO will create a folder witht the name of the smart mailbox and add this folder to the designated import destination, but it won’t populate it with any emails.

Well, since all of my mail in Mail is organized via smart mailboxes, I’m glad it is on the list! I myself have been able to export smart folders into DTPO, but then again, I’ve only tried it once or twice. I plan to create a mass archive of most of my mail at some point but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I won’t try until this is fixed (in that future release you mentioned). Thanks,


Did this ever get fixed? Would be lovely to be able to import smart mailboxes from Apple Mail into DTPO, but I get an error message with the “Add mailbox(es) to DT”, and none of the other on-board scripts (“Add messages…”, etc) seem to work either.

Smart Mailboxes can be exported from Apple Mail as .mbox files, and DEVONthink Pro Office can import .mbox files – it is an option is the upper left corner of the main import panel at File > Import > Email. (Unix Mailbox.) This is a one-time export/import – IOW, there is no synchronization and if the Smart Mailbox changes than you’d have to repeat the export/import.

Please realize that a Smart Mailbox is no more a real object than a Smart Group in DEVONthink. (Apple’s implementation of Smart Folders is a little more real, but it’s really just a convenience item that looks familiar. It’s not an actual folder.)

Even’s Applescript dictionary does not recognize a Smart Mailbox as a mailbox.

Do note that you can always select the contents in and run a script to import the file, just not selecting the Mailbox itself.