Trouble reinstalling Mail extension

After Big Sur update to latest beta. 11.3
Extension prefs all on for anything DTP3.
When clicking to install, it seems to do its thing, if needed asks to quit Apple Mail, or if already closed appears to do its thing.
Nothing in Mail menus to “add to devonthink”
Please advise.

Welcome @CletusWaldman

Did you enable the plug-in in Mail’s Preferences > General > Manage Plug-Ins?

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Odd— — I never saw control before. But that was the problem. thanks.

You’re welcome.

Jumping onto this thread. I am missing the add to DT service under mail too. I have it under mailboxes but then it transfers the content of the entire mailbox. I reinstalled to service several times. It’s also weird that it shows that I can install the older 4.0 version over the 4.1 version that is installed.

Is the service enabled in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services? What’s selected in Mail?

Found the mistake. “Add to DT” is on my Mac under Message and not under Mail. Was looking at the wrong place. Not sure if this is a Big Sur thing.