Trouble syncing Mac OS to iPad

Bonjour is turned on in the Mac only as instructed (not the ipad), but on the iPad DTTG settings, SYNC is greyed out.

I blurred the port number (don’t know if necessary)

thanks in advance for your time and help

Did you follow the exact instructions as in the “DEVONthink Manual” and supplemented at Bonjour Simplified ?

Why did you think blurring port number required? Is your network accessible from the Internet? If not, the what caused you to think this necessary?

Are you using the default port number?

What does the iOS screen look like when you click further into “Edit Locations”. you should see something like that shown here on my iPhone. I sync using Bonjour and also to my NAS.

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Perhaps it is not very clear, but that “SYNC” in your screenshot is the HEADING for the items that come after it, not an item you can click on.


you are 100% right. The problem is that it is greyed out and I cannot access those sub items. thank you for your post

easy question: because I am an idiot, according to my spouse.

For the rest, I am working on troubleshooting the issue, which worked no problem for years. Thank you very much for the reference.

I will give you an update

thanks again very much

I think you are confused because of the “SECURITY” item at the top of the page. That has an arrow to click on so that you can change its state.

The sub-items for the heading “SYNC” are listed below it, and are “Locations”, “Bonjour”, “Conflicts”, etc. In the same way, the heading “DATABASES & GROUPS” has its sub-items listed below it. You cannot “open” SYNC.

In order to sort out your sync you will need to click on the sub-item “Edit Locations” and proceed from there.


all fine thanks to both of you @rmschne and @mbbntu
thank you very much for your help and patience, and have a nice day.

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