trouble using bookmarklets

I just installed the bookmarklets for capturing PDF (paginated) and capturing Selection. When I click on them, I only get the following error message:

DEVONthink: This beta does not run after 2009/01/31 anymore!

This happens in both Firefox 3 and Safari 4.

I wonder if someone can tell me how to fix this? I do have the latest beta of DTPro. I installed the bookmarklets directly from the DT website because I had the problem others have described, that I couldn’t access them in the built-in online help.


Do you have the current release, public beta 4?

If so, do you perhaps still have the expired beta also in your Applications folder? That could confuse Services and scripts. Remove the old application and logout/login to initialize Services to the current release.

I do have the latest release, public beta 4, and I do not have the expired beta anywhere, but I do have an old copy of DT from before I upgraded to DTPro. Removing this from the Applications folder seems to solve the problem. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. It didn’t occur to me that those two apps would get in each other’s way.