Trouble with capturing

DT Pro Office 1.3 beta 1
OS X newest

When I capture (e.g. a url) with the service-menu,
DT will be opend, but nothing is captured.
So I have to capture twice or to open DT before capturing.

Before I upgraded to „Office”, DT opened AND captured.
(New in „Office” no longer support for spotlight…)

On the other hand: scanning with textrecognizing works very fine with a Canon Lide 500F and is very helpful.

If one of your databases has not been designated as default, it’s possible for DTPO to be launched without opening a database. In such a case, no information can be transmitted to a database.

Use File > Database Properties to designate an open database as default.

Hello Bill,
I have 3 DT databases on my harddrive:
My Main info-DB, marked as default DB
a DB for old mails not marked as default
and the DT Tutorial DB, not marked as default.

Sorry, a good idea but not the reason. The default DB opens, but than I have to capture again that the stuff will be written in ”incoming”.

That portion of code has not changed between DT Pro and DTPO.

But if your database has grown recently, you may be encountering a simple timeout for that reason, as it would take longer to launch DTPO and open the database.

I’ve always got an open database on my computer, as I almost live inside it. So there’s no way I would encounter that problem. :slight_smile:


My Main-DB has 336 MB (tells me finder information)
with 748 entrys and 100.634 words.
(Mhmm, 336 MB seems a lot of place because most of the entrys show about 40 to 50 KB in the DT)
I live not in it, but I can not live without it.

Now I waited about 5 minutes, but the capture didnt appear.
Is it possible, the service menu was not updated while upgrading to DToffice? In Service Menu is, like before, DTpro (and DTagent) instead of (perhaps) DTpro-office…

Please ensure that there’s only one instance of DT Pro (no matter if Office or not) installed on your system. Log out and in again if you should have to remove some instances.

I have definitely only one Devon Agent and one Devon think Pro (Office) on my hard disk. I looked with my eyes in the program folder, and, cause I wear glasses… let Spotlight have a look (search: Devon= 843 hits).

There are a lot of devon widgets and folders (on different places) twice, but not the program. e.g. Devon Notiz Pro is in user…Devon/DevonPlugIns/Widgets and in /Library/Widgets and so an)

You might try reinstalling the applications and logging out and in again. Or do you use any third-party extensions/haxies/input managers which might cause troubles?

Ok, I will try it with a reinstall next days.

I have a lot of third party programms (e.g. Stuff it deluxe with the menu enabler above in the menu line), but I have no specific extensions/haxies/input managers istalled.

Now I did it!

Result: 50% 8)
When I click in the Script Sign above on the screen and choice „DTpro>copy selection to incoming”, DT opens and the Text/URL/Whatever is in “Incoming”
When I do the same with the “Service” menu in Finder, DT opens… and nothing appears, so I have to klick again.
This (last) effect appears after updating to DTproOffice. When I look into my “glassball”, I had the feeling, I mixed up the scripts at this point:
I noticed, that the script to import a web page to DT ON MY HARDDISK was a mix in German and English in the same window. The same script in the extra-folder of the today downloaded version was only English. Also after the installation, so i copied the contain of the extra folder manually on my disk: after overwriting it was ok. But I dont know, where the finder scripts are stored.

Services and scripts are independent. But services are used to create notes based on a text selection and not intended for the Finder anyway.

Finder was the wrong word.
Replace Finder in my text above through application. e.g. Safari, Works, …a.s.o.
I mixed it together, because the service menu seems to be central and not part of an application. So I gave it the “finder”…or OSX or …