Trouble with DropBox sync

Hi all,

I’m a fairly new user, so this is probably completely my fault, but I have an issue with syncing over DropBox.

I had set this up and it was working well until yesterday.

I have a Mac Mini running DT3 Pro.
I have a MBP running DT3 Pro.

I am syncing over DB and this was all running well and good. I think I fell into error yesterday. I was working on my Mac Mini and I had a couple of documents open from a DT database in an external app (PDF Expert). I closed DT down without closing those documents first. I then closed those documents down.

Those documents are within a folder in a database. For the purposes of this explanation, I will call the database “AB” and the folder “XY”.

I carried on working on my Mini today and have added more documents to the folder XY. On my Mac Mini, the folder XY now contains 26 items.

When I have gone into the database AB today on my MBP, I have navigated to folder XY and it is still showing only 12 items, so it hasn’t synced the items from my Mac Mini.

I have gone back to my Mini, and opened the database again, and in the folder XY my 26 documents are still there, so I haven’t lost them. But it’s not syncing. I’ve noticed that the 6 new items sitting in my global inbox also aren’t syncing to my MBP.

I’ve tried:
Closing all databases on both machines
Checking they’ve saved to DropBox
Reopening the databases
I’ve deleted the Dropbox sync location on my MBP and readded it

No of the above has solved it.

Where do I go next?

Any guidance gratefully received.

What do you mean by this, please? Your database should not be located on Dropbox, but I’m not actually sure whether that is what you mean; did you simply mean “checking they’ve synced to Dropbox”? If so, how are you checking?

I’m not at all convinced this is connected to what you are describing.

I think it might be helpful for you to provide screenshots of the sync settings on both your macs.

Thanks for the response.

By “checking they’ve sync” I mean I went into preferences>sync and made sure that the databases were showing as having synced (with the time).

I will upload images. Are they any images/screenshots in particular I should send?

If you go to preferences and select sync, it would be helpful if you could post a screenshot of the window with the location which you are syncing with highlighted.

I’m currently on my MBP. I have just re-added Dropbox for syncing, so I’ve taken a couple of screenshots:

This is my process of adding it.

Once added successfully this is what shows. “Cases” database and inbox are the two that aren’t syncing.

Thanks again.

When you are at your other Mac, please check that you are logged into the same Dropbox account, and using the same sync store. Also check whether there is a dot to the right of to the open databases “Cases” and “Inbox” in the navigate sidebar.

Also, you could try to verify the sync store by selecting “Verify Location Quickly” in the “cogwheel” menu at the bottom of the second window you posted.

If both devices are using the same sync store (which should be the case as you report sync previously worked), there is no dot (as described above) and the sync store verifies correctly, then I think my next step would be to clean the sync location (again via the cogwheel menu), following which all the data will have to be reuploaded to the sync store and the sync will be reset. That can take some time, depending on the size of your database, and obviously it might be worth waiting to see if anybody else has any other ideas (@BLUEFROG).

Thank you. I will try all of that.

Sync has definitely worked before and I’m confident that they are both using the same syncstore, but will double check.

Thanks for your input. I will report back.

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You should always check Window > Log first if you think you have a sync issue.

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…and I really shouldn’t be dishing out advice when I’m tired. Yeah, take a look in the log before doing anything else really does sound like sound advice. Thanks Jim :slight_smile:

No worries!

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Is there anything in particular I should be looking for?

Sync errors would be reported there.