Trouble with email importing

I have followed the tutorial on the web page:

To install the necessary scripts, do the following:

(1) Choose “Help > Install Add-ons…”.
(2) Check “Application Scripts”.
(3) Click “Install”.

To import selected e-mail messages to DEVONthink, do the following:

(1) Select one or more messages in your mail application.
(2) Choose “Add message(s) to DEVONthink” from the Script Menu Extra (the global scripts menu with a stylized “S” symbol).

I do NOT see “Add message(s) to DEVONthink” at all.



In the Finder, select Applications > AppleScript > AppleScript

Make certain these options are checked: Show Script Menu in menu bar; and Show Library scripts.

Assuming that Mail is your email application, launch Mail and select one or more messages that you would like to transfer to your DT Pro database.

Click on the Scripts menu. You should see “Mail Scripts” in light print, either near the top or the bottom of the list, and under that heading a script to add the message(s) to DEVONthink. Click on that script. A plain text version of the message(s) will be sent to your DT Pro database.

I checked everything you said an it still does not solve the problem. the menu does not include what it should?

Is there enough space in the menu bar? Maybe you’re already using too many menu extras and therefore the AppleScript menu extra isn’t visible?

No there is enough room. I will send an email with the images. Perhaps you can glean something from those. I am heading to work now, so will need to check later at lunch for responses.