Trouble with PDF Portfolio

I’m trying to create a PDF Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat for my CPA with multiple PDF files that I’ve scanned. (You know all those year end statements and previous years tax returns) I can’t get to the PDF’s inside the DevonThink database from inside Acrobat to select the files I want to include.

All I can think to do is open and save duplicates of all the files to someplace outside of DevonThink, like my desktop. Is there a less time and space intensive way to do this? Thanks.

You could use DevonThink’s Show in Finder command to see where the files are and access them from there.

Or you could use DevonThink’s tools to put all the files together in a group, and then export the group. That’s what I’d recommend, as poking around in DT’s database structure can be hazardous to your data.

Is there a reason why you want to use PDF Portfolio, as opposed to just zipping up a folder containing the files?


Open the Portfolio window in Acrobat (File > Combine > Assemble PDF Portfolio…). Put that Acrobat window side by side with DT’s window. Drag the files from DT to Acrobat that you want to add to the Portfolio (this makes a copy of the file; original remains in DT). You can drag PDFs, RTFs, or other file types (experiment) into that portfolio. Edit portfolio settings and save it.

(@kewms: Portfolios have many features for displaying documents and adding descriptive information that zips do not. However, though portfolios are .pdf documents, they are not viewable in DT. And portfolios made in Acrobat 9+ are not really backward compatible with older versions of Acrobat.)