Trouble with renaming DB when working off external hard driv


In order to use DT on two computers, I’m planning on working off my external hard drive until mobileme capabilities are available. Here’s my problem: I wanted to rename the database to specify that it is on my external hard drive and to avoid confusion. I copied the DB from my documents folder to my hard drive then renamed it. But then when I open the renamed DB in DT from my hard drive, it opens it with the same name as the original. Even if I open databas properties and rename it, the next time I open DT it has changed the name back. Any ideas?



The internal, displayed name can be changed via File > Database Properties. If that shouldn’t work, then please ensure that it’s the right database and that it’s not read only (in that case there’s a small icon in the database properties panel and in the sidebar).

Finally, you could also try to ignore the ownership (see Info panel of the external drive in the Finder), maybe it’s a permission/ownership issue.

I am having a similar problem. I renamed it internally using the options in File>Properties, and DT knows the new name internally, but when the DB is closed and I look at it in a list of files it still has the old name. Any ideas?

Changing the name of the database by using Database Properties only changes the name as displayed in DEVONthink; it does not change the name of the database file in the Finder.

You may change the name of the database file in the Finder, by using that option in its Info panel.

Note: Make certain the database is closed before changing the filename in the Finder. And after doing so, clear DEVONthink’s memory of the previous database name by choosing File > Open Recent > Clear Menu.

Thank you, that worked perfectly! :smiley: