Trouble with smart rules which work “on demand” but not “on import”

The following smart rule to process emails works fine on demand but not on import.

I import the emails via apple mail → select email → message / add to devonthink 3 (the DevonThink apple mail plugin)

thanks in advance for your time and help

Do the emails match the conditions? E.g. are the emails which were not processed shown after selecting the smart rule in the sidebar?

Yes, it their raw pre-process for as .eml without a PDF tag, not converted to PDF but … strangely moved the the correct group.
So “on demand” everything works.
If I change on “on import” only the move works.
If I change to “on import”, only the move works→ and if I context menu apply rule → everything works (tag, conversion)

It also works if the smart rule is timed (every minute, etc).
Should I be careful to limit the number of timed smart rules as not to overwhelm / slow down either DevonThink or my Mac ?
thank you

The number doesn’t matter.

Was this ever resolved? Exact same thing happens to me. Smart rule works On Demand, and Every Minute, and even shows up in the sidebar under the Smart Rule.

Yet it doesn’t work On Import to the Inbox. Which I have coming in form a Folder Script from Finder.
Captura de pantalla 2021-08-19 a la(s) 11.02.37 a. m.

Scripts don’t trigger smart rules by default, you could use the command perform smart rule in the script. Or index the folder (recommended since version 3 instead of folder actions) and use smart rules to process the items in the indexed folder.