Trouble with URL command from FileMaker. *Catalina* problem?

As a psychotherapist, I’m using a FileMaker database to manage the administrative data of my patients, appointments lists and durations, etc. But DEVONthink, for me, is the best solution as a repository for all the other documents, my personal notes included. So, from FileMaker, I’m using an Open URL script step that opens the URL of the folder of the current patient. For years, it used to work perfecly, but now, it just switches the current app to DEVONthink and doesn’t open any folder anymore — it beeps. I don’t think it’s an issue with the URL, because if I paste it into the searchbar of Safari or Edge, it works like it’s supposed to. I suspect it’s a Catalina issue.

Does anyone have an idea how I could make it work again ? Thank you very much in advance.

Best reguards.

Olivier :slight_smile:

Does Filemaker have Automation requests for DEVONthink enabled in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy?

No, unfortunately. But there isn’t even a checkbox that I could check. And I have two versions of Filemaker Pro Advanced, but I see only one in this panel. Is there a mean to add what is missing, ie. these authorizations?

  • Is FileMaker just opening a URL, not via a script?

  • What’s the URL?

Here’s a screenshot of the relevant part of the script: :link:screenshot. The first step isn’t necessary; I added it to check the URL. It’s this URL I paste in Safari, for example, and that works well. Here’s a sample: “x-devonthink-item://17F3A685-E5BD-407C-B1B7-F681038E547F”.

It’s possible there’s a Filemaker issue with URL schemes in Catalina. I’d check with them.

Thank you very much!

Meanwhile: an applescript might work. Could you maybe write me the two lines of code? It would be nice — I’m not an applescripter…