Trouble with URL Google Scholar Legal

As some may know, Google now has a subset of Google Scholar for legal cases, and a subset within that for each state. I’m trying to make a plugin for that.

I duplicated the Google Scholar plugin and pasted the URL that Google exhibits for searching California cases into the EngineURL field, substituting agentQuery for word I test searched for in Google. Put the plugin into the folder, and it shows appropriately in DA. Unfortunately when I search with it, it only finds stuff in youtube. If I then copy the same URL that’s in the plugin (below), substitute a word for agentQuery and paste it into a browser, it searches correctly. What am I doing wrong?

Rob … =&as_vis=0

The LinksNotMatching/LinksStart/LinksEnd definitions of the original Google Scholar plugin aren’t suitable for this subset and have to be removed (not very efficient as too many pages will be downloaded that way) or adapted.

I did that, but the problem persists, i.e. it only gives me results from YouTube and nowhere else.

I then removed the parse option, and at least I get the results from the URL I’m using (see post above). But I also get all sorts of other results from other Google sites. I can click on the one I want in the Log, but what I’d like to do is limit it to searching via that URL so I get only those results.

Sorry, forgot to mention this.

You have to exclude those other links via LinksNotMatching.