Troubleshooting macOS share functionality


I’m having a problem on a Mac where DevonThink is having trouble installing the share extension. So, in Safari, and Drafts, and other apps that can raise the share extension, I don’t get access to DevonThink. Is there a way for me to copy a file somewhere or run a script that will install the share extension? I’ve tried to do it through DevonThink’s menu “DevonThink 3 -> Install Add-Ons”, and it just fails silently.



Is the extension enabled in System Preferences > Exensions?

It doesn’t show up at in System Preferences as an option to enable.

It should be listed in System Preferences > Extensions > Share Menu, an installation is not required. If that’s not the case - in which folder is DEVONthink 3 installed?

It’s in /Applications

Here’s my share extensions…


Does a restart of the computer and/or a reinstallation of DEVONthink 3 fix this?

Is reinstallation of DT basically trashing it, rebooting and reinstalling?

Just download the app again from our website and replace the installed version in /Applications with the one from the downloaded disk image.