Trying DevonThink Pro & Office

I wish to evaluate both DT Pro and DT Office to find out what’s best for me.

I plan to first try DT Pro (which is quite overwhelming in it’s functionality) and when I get the hang of it continue with DT Office to explore the other features. Can I install both of them simultaneously?

And are the databases compatible? I.e., can I work on the same database with both versions (of course with only one instance of DT running)? Can I continue with the database from DT Office trial if I decide for DT Pro?

Anything else I should be aware of?


Possible, but highly not recommended. All scripts, bookmarklets, or Service menu commands to capture data will work with both versions, so the version of the app that gets launched will be unpredictable.

The databases are 100% compatible with one another. As a suggestion, just install the Pro Office version and run with it. The only significant differences between Pro and Pro Office are a) the OCR capability of Pro Office and b) the additional email capture tools in Pro Office. If you find during the trial that the Pro Office features are not beneficial to you, then drop back to Pro. Here is the link to a comparison of the various versions.