Trying to export URLs and comments

I’m trying to export groups while retaining the URLs and comments in their enclosed documents - without success so far.

The reason for this is I hoped to have found a workaround solution to a problem others have had with the increasing length of time it takes to open a database as it grows in size. So I created a new db called ‘temp’ and started using it with the intention of dragging its contents into the Finder after each month and then dragging them back into the main storage db. So far so good.

The only problem there, as said, is there doesn’t seem to be a way to retain the Information window info except for the document’s title. DT does retain that info when rebuilding a database (which it states is being exported and reimported again) which implies it’s maybe capable of it, but all I can find are import prefs retaining ‘internet locations and links’, but no export equivalent for the user. No scripts either, that I can find anyway.

I guess this problem will be solved with multiple dbs in DT 2 and dragging between them but for now the workaround doesn’t work well enough. Unless I’m missing something I haven’t found yet. Anyone else come across this and found a solution?



To retain metadata (creation date, URL, etc.) here’s how to do that (and it’s quick and easy):

[1] In the Finder, create a new target folder to receive the material exported from your temp database (each time you do an export).

[2] In your temp database, select the content you wish to export to your main database this month. Select File > Export > Files & Folders, and choose your target folder for the export data location.

[3] In your main database, select File > Import > Files and Folders and select the target folder that holds your recently exported material.

You will probably want to clear the content of the temp database and start collecting new material in it. And after importing the material, the intermediary target folder can be deleted.

Here’s why this method carries over the metadata to your main database, and a drag & drop export from temp does not. Look in the target folder after the export and you will find a DT file that contains all of that metadata, and which is read by your main database when the material is imported. So all of your metadata is preserved.

As with many operations, it takes longer to describe the procedure than to perform it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill. Much appreciated. Just one thing fwiw: File > Import and File > Export remain grayed out in DT Pro no matter what’s selected but the default Export button and an added Import button at the top of the window worked fine. I hadn’t noticed that before. Could this be an aberration on my copy of the program or something?

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound right.

You’ve customized the Toolbar by adding the Import and Export buttons. As an experiment, I added those buttons to my toolbar and they are functional. But so are the File menu commands Import and Export.

Next time you reboot your computer (which sometimes fixes twiddled bits) check to see if those menu bar commands are still grayed out.

Turned out to be a haxie, Menu Master. No direct conflicts with the half dozen commands I’d set but turned it off and it’s good to have the key commands for import/ export and perhaps do this db update more often. It is much nicer having a small fast ‘temp’ db for daily use and move stuff on periodically. As you said it’s fairly quick and easy especially with habit and those commands.

But as this is the Requests section I’ll make one now:

I’m going to miss Menu Master in DT especially with losing keys for the History and Concordance windows (cmd shf h, cmd opt c) and for labels (cmd ctl numbers), so, from a fervent keyboard user, maybe DT could get another pref option, a la BBEdit and others, to configure keys for all menu items?

Thanks again for the input and help, Bill,