Trying to get a lost Email back from DTTG to DTPO

Another day, another lost file. This time it’s an email that just went poof, just when I needed it.
Luckily it has been a few weeks since I updated my databases on my iPhone, so I still have the file there.

Now I’m trying to get it back from my phone to the Mac, but I don’t want to sync the databases, because that might delete it from the phone as well. Also, I want to keep the phone DB as is, in case DTPO deleted other files as well in the meantime.

Sending it as a mail attachment doesn’t seem to work. It looks fine in DTTG, but I can’t get it to the Mac intact.
When I send it to myself via Email, instead of one .eml file, I get two files - one .eml file with the text messed up (e.g. it shows „“ at every line break), and one file called „Teil 1.3“, (i.e. Part 1.3) which seems to only contain the mail signature.
The .eml doesn’t show a header, just the mangled text.

I’m using Postbox, since Apple Mail doesn’t start up properly (I switched to Yosemite recently).

Any ideas?

You might try the emergency export of DEVONthink To Go, see preferences.

And there it is. Thanks a lot!