Trying to get clipping extension to work with Bravo browser

hey guys, just discovered the Bravo browser, basically it’s a much more secure version of Chrome with some other very cool features. I’ve gotten all my other important extensions to work except for Clip to Devonthink. When I try to clip a webpage, the page goes blank and the url becomes “about:blank”. Any way to fix this? I’m pretty sure it’s the same engine as Chrome. I’m installing these extensions from the Chrome Web Store and like I said, everything else is working just like it does in Chrome.


There is no specific support for the Brave browser but I just installed it and installed the Chrome extension from the Chrome store with no problem. Uninstall it and reinstall it from the Chrome store.

thanks Jim. So weird, just stepped away from the computer for an hour or two, came back, saw your email, went to test one more time before uninstalling/reinstalling and now it works. Ah, the joys of technology.

For anyone reading this, I strongly suggest taking a good long look at Brave. It’s SIGNIFICANTLY faster than Chrome, as well as more secure than either Chrome of Firefox. And a few months ago, the major downside was lack of extension support, which they’ve now remedied. If it works in Chrome, should work in Brave.

Thanks for the thoughts. I personally switched to Opera about six months ago and now only use Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for support purposes. :smiley:

Just curious, Jim, if it’s not out of place here: why do you find Opera better than the other browsers, Safari specifically?


Not out of place at all.
It has been the fastest of all the browsers.
It allows you to remember the selection when using our browser extension - something Apple will not allow in Safari :confused:
It has really great content-blocking built-in.
And it’s NOT Google spying on me in Chrome. :mrgreen:

Jim, if you haven’t already, take Brave for a test drive. For me, significantly faster than Opera, and it has more security features built into the core functionality. Probably the most secure browser right out of the box without needing to add a lot of extensions. Can’t speak to it remembering the clipping selection, not entirely sure what you’re referring to there. I’m finding enough issues with DTPO’s web clipper that at this point what I usually do is clip into a specific “export to DevonThink” folder in Evernote and then I regularly batch export out of that.

But the browser is really fast and really secure. They did a great job with it. Might not be faster for you, but for me the difference is noticeable.

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I was looking for an option to cliptodevon from my new brave browser and just wanted to say that this discussion was really helpfull :slight_smile:

P.S. my vote goes to brave as well :slight_smile:

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