Trying to organize my life in a better way

Hi everbody.

I’ve used DEVONthink quite a bit at work a few years ago, and I’m considering it for organizing all of my files for my personal life as well. Mind you this is not a project (like writing a book or a research paper), but it would be for just general organization. My only requirement would be to have all my files on my iPhone and iPad, which I could do with the iOS app. I prefer not to have any information stored in the cloud, and use a NAS at home for remote access to my data (if not on my device).

Does anyone use DEVONthink this way? Is it worth it moving everything over, or should I continue to use it for projects instead?

DEVONthink can be used for many, many things. It is NOT just an academic or business tool. For example, I have support databases, but do all my finances in a DEVONthink database. I also have a personal database that I write and journal in (daily, in long-form Markdown). I even have a recipe database, originally made to prove a point, but turning out to be useful in general. :smiley:

Hi Alligator,

I am currently on the trial of DT Office Pro and am in the same boat as you – considering moving all my systems into one. What I have found so far is that DT is very powerful, flexible and scriptable. My main complaint is it is not as “easy and quick” as some other tools I am used to. Some of the workflows require more clicking and keyboard actions, but still works. Of course there is the interface too…

But I would think you should be able to accomplish whatever you need to in DT, you might just make some sacrifices in ease of access and user interface. That is the case for me anyway. I have a feeling that most of my issues will be addressed with the next major release, but I don’t know how long that will be. It sounds like it’s been in the works for a long time.

I also have not explore the sync’ing options since the 2go app has not free trial.

The flexibility and power of DEVONthink can’t be so simply encapsulated as with simpler apps’ “easy and quick” operations.