Trying to sync Highlights between DTTG and DT

I must be doing something wrong.

If I highlight a section of text in a PDF in DT3 on my Mac, the highlight syncs nicely to the document on my iPad. If I remove the highlight on my Mac, the highlight will disappear from my iPad. All good.

But … if I create a highlight in a PDF on my iPad, it will not sync to my Mac., Instead, the unhighlighted copy on my Mac will remove the highlight from the PDF on my iPad.

What am I doing wrong here?

How are you highlighting in DTTG?
Which versions of DT and DTTG are you using?

Also want sync method are you using? Are you giving it time to sync before making changes to the desktop version?

I’m highlighting in DTTG by selecting the Edit Menu above the document and then choosing the Highlight icon and applying it to the selected text.

Using DTTG 3.5.1. and DT 3.8.4,

Syncing via iCloud. And yes, I wait only to discover that the Mac is removing the more recent highlights on the iPad.

And now it’s behaving.

Thanks for your replies. I think you scared it into submission.

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It’s likely not a sync issue but an iCloud one. I assume you’re using CloudKit?

I am … and now it’s behaving, so all’s good. Thanks.

You’re welcome.
Be aware iCloud hasn’t been reliable for many people lately so keep an eye on it.

Well, I am going to need reliability here. What’s a more trustworthy alternative? Dropbox?

As noted in this post and our documentation, there is no bullet-proof remote sync option…

The first question is: Do you actually need a remote sync option?