TUAW devon review

I’m here from the TUAW review which looks like the reviewer loaded the Read Me and then looked at the program for 2 minutes. Typical TUAW review, all positive but you all may want to check into TUAW you’re getting a lot of negative comments there along with some positive. I’m new to devon, looking around but someone who understands it all may want to reply before its loaded down with too much negative.

tuaw.com/2008/12/22/beta-bea … think-2-0/


Welcome, MD.

Uhh… that’s an announcement, not a review. :slight_smile:

Thanks for mentioning your concern about the negative comments, though I wouldn’t give TUAW credit for having that much influence. Let’s hope most people with serious interest will come to this site for more accurate information, like you did. :slight_smile:

Just been to look at the TUAW negative comments. Nothing of any significance. The usual one-shot from someone who hasn’t used DT and thinks it’s too expensive. But the ever-combat-ready Mr. Kalisphoenix has already been over there and scorched him, good and proper.

Heh. Unfortunately it’s unlikely that one-shot (or any others) will ever show up again to receive Mr. K.'s scorching. :wink:

Ha! I’m really a pussycat… just that I think most of the complaints about DTP2 so far have been missing the point or not seeing the big picture.

Yeah, just like with too many other products.

And where can I buy a global “clueless critic” and “price whiner” kill filters? Good grief, enough already! :unamused:

Okay, this censorship crap has gone over the line. I said I was a p u s s y c a t. Is replacing that with “girl thingy” really keeping the world safe for democracy?

So you really are a pussycat? :laughing:

kalis "I’m really a girl thingy " phoenix

It’s just too damn (splat-splat) irresistibly funny not to tease you, but I’ll stop now!

“Girl-thingy”? That doesn’t say pussycat to me. That says placket, quint, and a whole bunch of other words the dumb thing won’t ever have heard of. Example of auto-censorship making things more “offensive” because there are actual human beings on the other end. (Perhaps I should write "o t h e r e n d " just in case)

Jebus. What I wrote was “‘Girl-thingy’? That doesn’t say p u s s y c a t to me”… etc.

Automatic Idiot Censor Bans Metadiscourse Shock.

Well blah. Makes me want to type out a list of rude words just to see what happened.

[EDIT]: I did, and it only picked up one of them. It’s not only a prude but an ignorant prude. Lawks-a-mercy, what if the same thing is lurking inside the DevonThink AI system, unknown to us all?

Fortunately this is only active in the phpBB3 “intelligence”. Our DEVONtechnology AI is totally ignorant to whatever words you throw at it :smiley:

“Smell my fingers?”

Bet that gets through the sensor. And is bad :slight_smile: