Turn off blue hyperlink marking?

Hyperlinks are marked blue by default (it seems). Unchecking the “Highlight Internet links in views“ option in Preferences / General doesn’t change this (strangely). Would there be a way to either unmark them altogether, or—much better in fact—to customize the way the are marked (to something less disturbing, like grey)?


That’s not (yet) possible but thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for taking it.

Just to add to what Christian said, the current preference to turn on/off ‘Highlight Internet Links’ applies to the view of bookmark documents, etc. in a list-not the display of links in a document.

Bookmark with highlight link preference set to off:

Bookmark with highlight link preference set to on:

To turn of underlining in HTML documents create a small CSS file (e.g., nounderline.css)containing:

a:link {text-decoration:none !important;}
a:hover {text-decoration:none !important;}
a:visited {text-decoration:none !important;}
a:active {text-decoration:none !important;}

And include that CSS file in Preferences > Web > Style sheet. A restart of DT might be needed.

This does not apply to wikilinks or links in RTF documents.

Hello board, I’m new!

I just got the same question and found that thread while using the search function. Do you already know when you implement this request? Also, it would be nice to be able to open the default browser instead of the internal, or is this already possible?


right-click or control-click a link, and choose “Open Link in Browser” from the contextual menu.

This feature doesn’t seem to be available to me. I am using a Rich Text-document, maybe this could be a reason? Also it would be nice to change this to the default behavior.

For example, NetNewsWire also got an internal browser, but you can tell the software to open links in Firefox instead of the internal browser.

Greets from Lucerne,

Good you mentioned it was an RTF file.

In RTFs, control-clicking or right-clicking brings up different contextual menu. In that case, chose the “Open Link” option - which means (somewhat cryptically) open in the native browser for that kind of link. HTML links open in the default browser - Together links would open in Together, etc. etc.

(The reason the command is Open Link, not Open in Browser, is that RTF links can be more varied than web page links, sometimes, and so your browser is not the only destination for links.)

Oh thank you very much, I did not try ‘Open Link’, because I thought it will open the link in an internal tab!

Back to link pasting:
If you paste a link in Apple TextEdit, it pastes it as text, but you can right-click on it and make it a link. Is it possible to get that behavior in DevonThink’s internal RTF-editor?

I normally see pasted links as a clickable link in a DEVONthink RTF. It’s easy enough to make a link in just about any text field in any OSX application by right-clicking and select ‘Substitutions>Smart Links’.

Well, I want the TextEdit behavior in DevonThink. Not the other way round. I don’t want automatic links.

Not possible that I am aware of-you’ll need to right-click to remove the link.

Can you implement it? (To the guys from DevonTechnologies…)