Turn off tags imported with Safari bookmarks

Please, a way to turn off the wholesale import of tags when importing Safari bookmarks. Most or all of these tags seem to occur from RSS feeds.

Yes, you can track down the feeds, exclude them from tagging, and finally delete the tags. But this is after the fact and not a simple task after hundreds of tags have already been created.

Just disable “Convert category to tags” in the RSS preferences. Or delete the feeds if you don’t need them because otherwise they’re just bloating your database.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I did find that creating a Smart Group for Kind = Feeds (RSS) made the trashing of undesired tags created from RSS feeds easier.

“Convert category to tags” in the RSS preferences removes the advantage of tagging from the original Safari categories.

The simplest solution for me at this point is a Safari Export Bookmarks… to the DTPO Inbox. That single HTML document is tagless, but does include enough data for my purposes like the full bookmark name organized by original Safari categories.

This option uses only the categories of the online feed, it’s not related to bookmarks imported from Safari.

Sorry. I completely missed that.

If I understand correctly, what I thought were tags from imported Safari bookmark folders and sub-folders were in fact tags from the DTPO groups and sub-groups of the same name.

So turning off “Convert categories to tags” only applies to tags for RSS feeds. Those that appear in the top-level Tags group unless they just happen to have the same name as a tag already created from a group or sub-group.