Turning off automatic correction for good


I disable automatic correction every time I use DevonThink Pro 2, using the contextual menu un-check this. after every restart I have to renew the process. I have not found a way to make it stickthough: where can I turn automatic correction off for good?

Thanks for any hint!

DEVONthink > Preferences > Editing > General

Thank you very much,

in the german language version I use I’d say you were close but no cigar:

It says: «check spelling during writing» (my freestyle translation), but no word of «correct

That’s what I want to get rid of.

Checking is fine with me, it helps a lot to see if I want/need to correct the spelling. But I want to decide when and when not.


DEVONthink Pro Office version 2.5 – fourth item in the list in English version == “Correct spelling automatically”. If the option does not appear on your version, write support@devontechnologies.com

A whole box full, sorry!

That helped, thanks!