Turning off specific notifications?

I currently use the RSS feeds functionality in DEVONthink. I currently update several hundred feeds, which results in multiple update notifications happening throughout the day as feeds are updated.

Those notification banners on the right of the screen keep popping up, which is quite annoying.

How do I disable notification banners from just the RSS feed updates? I can turn off notifications entirely, or switch them entirely for all of DEVONthink, but I’d like for it to be a little more granular.

Is that possible?


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It’s not possible to disable particular notifications.

Updated RSS feeds shouldn’t cause any notifications, only new sidebar extras. A screenshot would be useful.

Tons of DT3 notifications here from RSS feeds - as they are created they appear transiently in the corner of the screen:

Which format do you use for feeds (see Preferences > RSS)?

See here:

Thanks, the next release will fix this.

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@rkaplan and I should both get DEVONthink coffee mugs now…

Funny. :smiley: I found this thread while searching exactly for this behavior, i.e. a macOS notification for each and every arriving RSS or Twitter entry. This would be extremely useful for me (I couldn’t care less about sidebar extras). So what others consider a bug, I’d consider a feature. Any hope for an option to enable this behavior?

A smart rule could actually do this:

Yep, thanks, I had already found something to this effect in Alerts for new RSS feed content - #2 by BLUEFROG, but it said:

which confused me – what are those „other options“? Why won’t notifications work consistently? So I figured a simple option to switch on this behavior would be a nice alternative. But of course I’ll be fine if this smart rule does the job. (News appear rarely in the feeds I’ve configured, so I’ll have to wait for some time to test it.)

Anyway, thanks! :blush: