Tutorial Video Playback

I’m having an issue with the tutorials. I can hear audio but no video.

I’m would like to know what type of video does the tutorials fun off of. ( don’t know how to phrase it) Flash - HTML-5; Divx, etc.

I’m sure this is my fault. I’ve trashed a few files and may have trashed the wrong one.

Thanking you in advance.


Adobe flash player.

Here is an URL to one of the video sources (hosted on Vimeo) – the “Synchronizing” tutorial. If you can see this video correctly in a browser, then you probably have an issue with the DEVONthink installation. If not, then you’ll want to reinstall whatever it was you trashed or uninstalled. (Like, the Adobe flash player.)


Vimeo played fine. So, I hate to ask such a question but, what should I do next, reinstall the software? If so, is there a deinstall or how do I go about doing this?



Test @ Vemeo and video played correctly

Uninstalled Flash

Reinstalled Flash

Rebooted Computer

Booted DTP and Retested tutorial videos…video still plays same with audio & without image

Again, do I need to reinstall DTP? If so, is there a uninstall prgm

Vimeo versions of the video tutorials play here without Flash Player installed. As a workaround, if you’re still stuck and don’t need Flash outside a browser, you could:

• Uninstall the Flash Player plugin again
• Watch Vimeo versions of the tutorials
• Use Chrome (with its bundled FP plugin) when you need Flash access inside a browser

That’s my permanent way of dealing with Flash here since I prefer avoiding it as much as possible.