Twitter plugin doesn't work

I’m currently trying out Devonagent pro 3.9.8 but I can’t get the Twitter search working. When I select the Twitter plugin (social networking - Twitter), and fill out a keyword, for instance devonthink, no search is started and I get immediately directed to the results window without any results.
I’m on 10.13.2 and Twitter’s set up correctly in the OSX System Prefs for Internet Accounts. I checked if Devonagent asked system-wide access to Twitter under under the privacy settings on my computer (in system preferences) but nothing is listed there. Apparently, Devonagent didn’t request Twitter access on my machine.
Anybody any ideas what is going on? Can it be a sandboxing issue on High Sierra?
By the way, I use 2-factor authentication for Twitter.

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The plugin isn’t compatible to High Sierra at the moment as High Sierra doesn’t support access to the system-wide Twitter accounts anymore.