Two bugs in forum web

I’m experiencing two not much important issues with the forum since a couple of days.

Take a look to the image:

Do you see something strange? Don’t read more and try to guess. it is a visual thing. :laughing: :laughing:

Yes, the bottom “Dismiss New” button has gone to the left side instead of remaining at right, just in line and below the top buttons after the unread itmems.

The second one seems to be a cache issue, but it happens to me both in Safari under macOS and Edge under Windows, then the issue could be generated by the forum itself, because it still happens after deleting the cache.

Look at the top image. It shows only my new unread items. Sometimes it shows all the latest items, unread, read, answered, etc. If this happens, refreshing the page solves the issue.

I know they are not especially important ones.

The Dismiss New button being moved to the left is similar in, e.g., Discourse’s own forum. So it’s intended. The caching issue might be related to Discourse but doesn’t have to be. Let’s keep an eye on it. We’re continuing updating to always the latest version of Discourse so we should catch any bug fixes as they are released.

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