Two different ScanSnap Home "Buttons" for two different target DT3 Databases?

In my ScanSnap Home, I have an action “Scan to DEVONthink” that scans and OCRs a document with my ScanSnap iX1600.

Now I have a new type of document that should always get scanned to a separate DT3-Database (I already know that when scanning).

Is there a way I can create a new action (resulting in a button on the Scanner) in ScanSnap home, that maybe passes an option to DT3 to use another Database for storage or perhaps set a special attribute that I could use in a DT3 automation later for sorting these documents away?

Since I don’t own a SnapScan, I can’t give you specific advice for this scanner. But if I understand you correctly, there is no need to, because you know very well how to set up an action (triggered by a button) in the SnapScan software.

The specific attribute you are asking about: Cross-platform software like printer software rarely makes use of platform-specific attributes. So I suspect that the SnapScan software cannot set macOS tags like “database 2” that a corresponding Smart Rule in DEVONthink could use to move the file to the appropriate database.

What scan software mostly does: It allows to customize the naming of the files. For example, “Scan 1.pdf”, “Scan 2.pdf”, with automatic numbering. If SnapScan’s naming works per action, you can simply append or prepend the destination, e.g. “Database 2 Scan 1.pdf”, “Database 2 Scan 2.pdf”, etc. A Smart Rule in DEVONthink can move the file to its destination indicated by the tag and afterwards truncate the “Database 2” part of the filename. (You might be renaming it anyway).

Another possible option: My Epson scanning software allows actions to open applications or save to folders. Probably the SnapScan software does this as well. You could create a Finder folder called “Database 2 Inbox” and have the SnapScan action save to that folder. Then index that folder in DEVONthink and have a Smart Rule move every file in it to Database 2.

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You may create a new profile in ScanSnap to scan the document in a different folder as that for the devon think-profile. Then it can either imported or indexed in the other database. It is also possible to set different file types, as jpg or pdf in the profiles
I do it with success since a long time.

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I definitely think saving scans to different folders would work for you.

Regarding the ScanSnap Home software. Although I was able to initially able to add DEVONthink as an application to open after scanning and it worked successfully I find now that it doesn’t work and that DEVONthink is not displayed as an application to select even though it has been added.
Anyone else facing this issue with ScanSnap Home?

It’s a Fujitsu question, not ours. That being said, what OS and are you saying you can’t choose DEVONthink in the Send To dropdown? That’s all that’s needed.

Please excuse my delayed response…

Indeed, I wished there was an option in DT itself when starting with the document as parameter that would have a direct impact on the choice, which inbox would get chosen.

However, the idea, to simply use another naming scheme (‘KIDS-XXXXXX’) in a separate SnanSnap Task and use a smart rule in DT afterward to move it to the right inbox worked fine for me.

Now, I have two buttons on my scanner display: The first scans the document to my regular inbox. The second scans the document (via the smart rule) to a second DT-database that is shared via DT-sync (WebDAV) with my (ex-)wife. Hooray!

Sometimes it’s the small things, that bring a drastic simplification to life.

Glad to hear you have a nice working solution!