Two different URLs after import via share extension

On the iPad when importing a document from the Spotify app via DTTG’s share extension, the resulting document has two different URLs when viewed on the Mac in DTPro:

Share-extension document_Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 21.02.08.png

The URL in the URL field is correct, but the URL just above the document viewer pane is useless. :frowning:

Very strange! How is this possible?

“importing a document” means what, in this context? Sharing a link with DEVONthink to Go as a bookmark?

The screen shot is too small to see what the circled figures contain.

I shared a Spotify link to DEVONthink to Go as a bookmark and synced to the DEVONthink desktop – and only get one URL – the…. link – which is correct and works as expected.

To be more precise: In the Spotify app I share the current song via the Clip to DEVONthink action as a web archive.

I will post a bigger screenshot when I’m back on the Mac. But the shorter, useless link above the browser reads just, while the one in the url field reads

For me the wrong behaviour is reproducible from the Spotify app. My biggest question is: How can this happen? I thought URL field and link above the documnet pane are identical!

Here the screen shot in full resolution showing clearly that the URLs in the same document are different:

Anybody from the DEVONthink makers having a hunch how the URLs can be different and how to fix this?