Two documents being pushed into Inbox Over And Over

Hello everyone,
I am having an issue with two specific documents being pushed from an unknown external source into my Inbox over and over on an irregular basis.

I have many different setup on Finder-base before importing into DevonThink, but actually only one folder that pushes documents into the DevonThink-Inbox. From nowhere else do documents go automatically into the DT Inbox.

But in the last months, I find two documents as new assets in my database, about once a month. And I do not know where they come from. Most of the time, both documents are even imported as duplicates, so I find two new documents twice in the inbox.

So, is there any way I can oversee behind the curtain of DevonThink and find out, how those files find their way into DevonThink and close this way? Because it is driving me mad :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Many thanks.

There’s no such possibility, therefore the only option is to check your folder actions in the Finder and also the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox on all computers. Or do you use Hazel or other automation tools too?

Yes, I do use Hazel for automating and sync some folders with Synology Drive for use on different machines. I went through the hazel log-files and found those files being pushed into my folder-structure, which leeds into DevonThink.

I believe this is an issue with older files being re-synced via Synology Drive, so I’l try to find and delete all files that might be lying around somewhere else. Best and many thanks.

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