Two questions around smart rules

I hope I have not missed this in the manual, but there are two questions that have come up for me around smart rules that I do not seem to be able to resolve:

  • am I right in assuming they cannot be moved or copied into favorites? would like to do that, but don’t seem the be able to.
  • is there a way to trigger an “on demand” smart rule through a double click on the smart rule (which would feel natural) instead of using the context menu of the smart rule and selecting “apply rule”?


This exact same question has been asked about one hour ago…

And double clicking on a smart rule – I don’t think so, but did you try it?

ooops, missed that (favorites) and yes, of course I tried (to no avail)…:wink:

No, you cannot double-click a smart rule to run it. That opens the criteria editor.

PS: Menus > The Tool Menu > Rules in the built-in Help and manual

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But you could drag & drop items onto the smart rule in the sidebar to perform the rule’s actions on them.