Two questions on scripting sheet

I have two questions on scripting sheet:

(1) I have a sheet, exclude the heading row, with a dimension of n x m (row x col). I couldn’t clear the content by the following code. “thePT” is the record of the sheet, and nl is a lol of n items each having m empty value. e.g. a 2x2 nl is {{"",""},{"",""}} .

set cells of thePT to nl

(2) If the sheet has n x m cells (excluding heading row), can I extend the number of rows simply by set the cells to a large lol? e.g. A lol with dim (n+k) x (m)?

Thank you very much again!

DEVONthink automatically strips empty rows at the end. This will remove all rows but isn’t desired probably:

set cell of thePT to {}

Yes, setting to the cells can be used to change the number of rows.

That’s exactly what I need. Thanks very much again!

Just one tiny correction from “cell” to “cells”. You might not have enough tea this morning! :smiley:

set cells of thePT to {}

Only one cup so far :smiley: