Two Questions Regarding Reminders to Items

I am using for adding a reminder to an item the script from the Script menue, which is adding a reminder to in macOS. Is it possible to use instead of the mouse a shortcut in order to add a reminder to an item?

When adding a reminder that way the time for the reminder by default is 00:00. Where can I change the default time?

That’s e.g. possible by setting up the desired shortcut via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App-Shortcuts

That’s only possible by customizing the script. However, it’s recommended to customize copies of the included scripts to avoid conflicts with upcoming updates.

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Doesn’t the preference setting require an alphanumeric path to the menu item? I seem to remember that it’s difficult to add shortcuts to script menu items because the top-level script menu has an image as a label, not a text.

I don’t think so: it’s always worked without a problem for me, over several OS versions, both in System Settings/Preferences and using Keyboard Maestro. The one below is from Ventura.

Obviously, if you have script names which are the same as inbuilt menu items you have to use the full path for one of them, but other than that it seems to work as expected.


Thanks for clarifying. Apparently my memory is not working anymore as it should.

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You and me both…

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