Two requests

Thank you very much for the v1.5 update with Spotlight support. You know how much we wanted it.
I have two small requests:

  1. When the full screen support first introduced there was a problem with the drawers. I think I was the one who asked for a fix but I don’t even remember what was the problem. It was fixed by a work around, by closing the drawer when entering the full screen. I am sure many things changed in the frameworks and DTP code. Is there a better way now? Can we see the drawer again when we come back from the full screen?
  2. Every time, when DTP is updated it puts back the scripts menu to my menu bar. It is now a routine to turn it off again. Not a big deal but I think it would be nicer if it respects the system settings it finds.


Aha! I’ve found the original thread for the full screen-drawer issue: … php?t=1932

If you don’t install the scripts for script menu extra (see Help > Install Add-ons panel which is automatically opened by new versions), then the menu extra isn’t launched.

Nice tip, thanks!