Two small problems about indexing and syncing

Hello everyone! I have two small problems about indexing and syncing

First, I used DT to index the content stored in the “Document” folder, and the “Document” folder was synced to iCloud. If I delete a file in the indexed folder in Finder, the file will not be moved to Trash in DT, but will remain in the original location and show that it has been deleted. If I use DT to index a folder that is not synced to iCloud, this problem seems to be gone.

Second, after I index a local folder with DT and I delete a file in DT, I seem to have to empty DT’s Trash to get that file deleted in Finder as well.

These two little problems do cause me a little trouble, because my files are all synced to iCloud, and sometimes I need to unzip some files in Finder and then delete the zip, if DT can’t sync these deletion operations, it’s a little trouble.

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my operation, and I’d like to know if these two little problems I’m having are normal ~ if this is some kind of objective mechanism, then I can accept it! Thank you, everyone!

Read the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing section.

Thanks a lot!